My mission is to help motivated individuals to become emotionally and financially free by guiding them to create a life that is an expression of their unique personal value.


I have been working from the age of 23 and I have always been enjoying the feeling of independence and stability that comes with having a good job and being a woman. But I have also always been a customer service-oriented type, ready to put other people's needs before mines if it's for a good cause.

These two traits of my personality have served me well until I got married and shortly after that became a mother.

What happened next?

My priorities shifted completely, leaving me often confused and with conflicting thoughts:

Should I stop working to be a good mother?

How much of my time and energy should I devote to my family?

Will it be possible to be truly present in my children's lives and at the same time to find meaning and fulfillment in my job?


The first realization came when I considered that the answer to the above questions is not the same for every woman, even though society pushes us to adapt to a "one size fits all" model that doesn't correspond to reality! 

The role of a woman is different in different cultures and, on top of that, each woman's desired Work-life balance should fit only her personal values and aspirations: that's the only way for her to be authentically a good mother or a good wife.

The second realization came when I started researching new business models made possible by the fast shift from the traditional to the digital economy.

I already knew that new ways of working were emerging and possible in this new era, but I always thought that they were unreachable for me or too difficult to learn from scratch. Basically, I had the wrong belief that these new opportunities were only for the new generations (I think they call them the Z and Alpha generation😮).

After putting my trust in the wrong hands a few times, I finally discovered a unique community that encloses at the same time a cutting edge school with dedicated mentors in the digital field and a safe space for personal development. 


I am now working daily to upgrade my digital skills and build my own business while I continue on my personal journey of self-discovery and service.

Would you like to join me?

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There's never been a better time to create your Best Life.





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